What kind of printing do I need for my project?

We have natural fibres or polyester, and we own a machinery park to meet your every need. 

Our machinery

and internal control of the entire production chain allow us to be completely independent in the manufacturing process, from order to delivery.

We own adapted machineries for textile printing on natural fibers
(such as cotton, linen or silk).
The inks used are water based, which means they are eco-friendly.

Fully integrated, we are the only one in Europe to possess such a complete system to fix the ink and clean the fabric after printing.

Our machines can print different paper widths, which are transferred thanks to our grill on different supports. We even can print up to 250 cm wide (approx. 8 feet wide).

All of our printed fabrics are controlled before being shipped.
Our commitment: deliver you perfection !

I have an idea, a project?

The first feature we offer is to define our partnership framework.

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