About Us

Grain De Couleur is the French specialist in inkjet textile printing.

Inkjet Textile Printing

You might already have heard about inkjet textile printing, as well as you might own a printer using the same technology. The process used by Grain de Couleur is almost the same, but on a larger scale with a higher quality and an outstanding accuracy on textile. Regardless of your project and inventiveness, Grain de Couleur’s inkjet technology gives you a total freedom.

We make energetic rhymes with numeric!

Lead by a woman looking to the future, Grain de Couleur is a French company with a numeric DNA. While processing each project, we do everything possible to exceed your expectations and be your true partner.

Our vision of Innovation ?

Integrate careers, diversify know-how and keep an eye on the future !
Grain de Couleur works with its time but also likes to innovate. This is the reason why our projects are usually unique.

Marie-Pierre Dumaine
Marie-Pierre Dumaine, leader of Valtex Group

An Eco-friendly and human conscious rooted in the company spirit.

In the heart of the verdant city of Valsonne (near Lyon), these new issues are widespread for Grain de Couleur! We have a humanist vision as well as an ecofriendly-vision.
The inks used are water based, which means they are eco-friendly. We work on recycled fabrics development and we call for a know-how resettlement.

Our specialities


More than 10 years of experiences

Our machinery

Machinery at the cutting edge of technology

Production capacity

Internal management of the whole production process

A large selection of fabric

With GDC, you have the possibility to print a countless color variation in high definition on our fabric range. No matter if they are in natural fibres (cotton, linen and/or silk) or in polyester, they can be manufactured, washed and ironed.

Our values

We adapt ourselves to your need and can print in small, medium sizes production or in mass production.

A dynamic team on constant lookout and aware of last trends will lead you along your project.

A machinery park constantly evolving, audacious projects, a dynamism attentive to your ambitions.

Tailor-made, a diligent control over the entire production and above all made in France!

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